Afghanistan Crisis: US official said – we are getting ready for more attacks, the number of dead may increase

Washington. The US military is ready for more Islamic State attacks, closing its mission in Kabul Airport. American officials gave this information. The number of US soldiers killed in Thursday’s suicide bombing at Kabul airport has risen to 13. According to the news agency Reuters, a US official said that the number of US personnel killed is likely to increase even more. More than a dozen people are injured.

General Frank McKenzie, who is overseeing the withdrawal of American people from Afghanistan, said that the US would find the conspirators of the Kabul airport. He said that the attack is believed to have been carried out by people affiliated with the Islamic State group in Afghanistan. He feared that there could be more such attacks. According to Reuters, Frank said that we are doing everything that can be done to be prepared.

Let us tell you that 13 US Marines were killed in a bomb blast near Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Thursday. Two US officials gave this information. Officials said that many US Army personnel were injured and their number could increase. At the same time, Russia’s foreign ministry said two suicide bombers and gunmen targeted a crowd near the airport, killing at least 13 people and injuring dozens. However, it was not clear whether the figures provided by Russian officials included the number of US Marines killed.

The bodies were scattered in the water after the blast.
According to the information, an attacker targeted the people who were standing in a canal with water till their knees to escape the heat and during this the bodies were scattered in the water. People who were hoping to get out of the plane till some time ago were seen taking the injured in ambulances. His clothes were stained with blood.

The blast comes at a time when thousands of Afghans have been trying to leave the country since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and have gathered at the airport for the past several days. Western countries had feared an attack amid a massive evacuation operation from Kabul airport. Earlier in the day, several countries appealed to people to stay away from the airport as there were fears of a suicide attack.

America accepts ISIS hand
A US official says it is “certainly believed” that the terrorist group Islamic State is behind the attack near Kabul airport. The Islamic State group is more extremist than the Taliban and has carried out several attacks on civilians. A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that despite the area being targeted, flights were being taken from Kabul airport for the evacuation operation. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said one of the explosions happened near the airport entrance and another some distance from a hotel.

An Afghan man said he saw some dead or injured after the explosion hit a crowd waiting outside a gate of Kabul airport. Adam Khan, who was near the scene, said that some people were seen dead and injured after the blast and some people were mutilated. The second blast took place near Hotel Baron, where Afghan, British and American nationals, among others, who had been held there in recent days before heading to the airport to leave the country, had gathered.

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