Afghanistan Crisis: Precious American weapons in the hands of Taliban, White House expressed concern

Washington. After nearly two decades in Afghanistan, the Taliban has once again returned. The Taliban, which was confined to the US military presence in 2001, is once again in a strong position after returning to the US. Not only this, he has also got many modern military equipment of America. The White House has given this information on Tuesday. On Sunday itself, the Taliban declared their victory.

On Tuesday, the White House acknowledged that a large part of US military equipment has gone to the Taliban. Some photos and videos have surfaced, where Taliban fighters are seen using weapons that were once in the hands of American soldiers or given to Afghan forces by the US. These include the name of the Advance UH-60 Black Hawk and other equipment at Kandahar Airport.

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The White House’s national security adviser said, “Obviously we do not have a complete picture of where all the defense material went, but it is clear that a lot of it has gone into the hands of the Taliban.” “Obviously, we don’t know whether they will hand it over to us easily or not,” he said. They found that the Black Hawks were handed over to the Afghan government to counter the Taliban insurgency. But the government succumbed to Islamic insurgents and largely gave up control of weapons helicopters.

Afghanistan battered due to less number of soldiers!
According to the BBC report, the main reason for the decline of Afghanistan’s national army is its actual numbers. US President Joe Biden has been saying repeatedly that the Afghan army of three million soldiers has received hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment and training. The report quoted two sources as saying that the actual number of soldiers was close to 50 thousand. An Afghan source told BBC Newsnight that in a meeting with former Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, newly appointed Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi had expressed concern over the figure of only 50,000 soldiers.

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