Afghanistan Crisis: Afghans protest outside the White House, shouting ‘Biden cheated’

Washington. Demonstrations took place in Washington against US President Joe Biden, facing all-round questions over the decision to withdraw the army from Afghanistan. Afghan citizens raised slogans outside his official residence White House and blamed Biden for the current situation in Afghanistan. People raised the slogan, ‘Biden you cheated, Biden you are responsible.’ The protesters also condemned the actions of the Taliban and said that this should not happen to the citizens of Afghanistan.

Hamdarf Ghafoori, a former Afghan journalist who participated in the protest, said, “After 20 years, we are back in the 2000s. We want peace. Farzana Hafiz, who was involved in the protest, cried, ‘Taliban is killing our people, there women will have no freedom and there is no one to look after the people.’

Hafiza said that her 21-year-old nephew was trying to come out of Afghanistan. According to ANI, he told, ‘The nephew had to get a visa so that he would come to us but now we do not know what will happen to him?’ Hafeezah cried and said, ‘My family is there and I am dying every minute. I haven’t slept since last night. I couldn’t sleep. This is a tragedy for my people. I feel sleepy.’

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden and other top American officials on Sunday marveled at the speed with which the Taliban have captured Afghanistan. The planned withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan has quickly turned into a mission to ensure a safe evacuation. The rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the chaos that has spread there is a serious test for Biden as commander in chief.

As of Sunday, key administration figures admitted they were taken aback by the swift defeat of Afghan security forces as they had not anticipated. Reports of sporadic shootings at Kabul airport forced Americans to take shelter as they waited for flights.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has said that the fall of Kabul without opposing the Taliban would be recorded as the biggest defeat in American history. “What Biden did in Afghanistan is unprecedented,” Trump said in a statement after the Taliban took over the presidential palace in Kabul and its elected leader Ashraf Ghani left the country with his senior officials and moved to Tajikistan. It will be remembered as the biggest defeat in American history. Former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has called it a failure of the Biden administration.

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