Afghan citizens who help US will be settled in Kuwait? Blinken said this thing

Washington. Afghans who help American troops against the Taliban in Afghanistan can be settled in Kuwait. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday that Washington is in talks with Kuwait and other countries about this. Because if they live in a war-torn country, they can face the attack of Afghan Taliban. However, during his visit to the oil-rich country of Kuwait, Blinken has not announced any agreement in this regard.

Along with this, he also did not disclose important details about its process such as who would be eligible to be kept there or where they would be kept. The Biden administration is facing heavy pressure to quickly evacuate Afghan negotiators, drivers and others who have helped US forces in the two-decade-long war as US troops complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan. They are now facing the threat of retaliation by the Taliban.

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Will support Afghans who help
“The United States remains committed to helping those who helped us in Afghanistan over the past 20 years,” Blinken told a joint news conference with his Kuwaiti counterpart. We are actively engaged in this process and are working on a plan to keep those brave Afghans and their families in safe places. Blinken is on a tour of several countries for the first time since taking over as US Secretary of State. He has recently completed his India tour.

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soldiers going back after 20 years
Talking about Afghanistan, soldiers of NATO member countries including America were present here for the last 20 years. But this year the soldiers have withdrawn from this country. Due to which the Taliban has become more aggressive. It has claimed its possession of 90 percent of the country’s border. At the same time, America says that the Taliban have captured half of the country. It is said that the Taliban had earlier taken over the country’s rural areas and is now moving towards the main cities. (with agency input)

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