A woman became a millionaire while roaming in the park, shining ‘pebbles’ changed her luck overnight

It is said that when luck turns, it cannot be said. Some such luck changed for a lucky tourist. This tourist was roaming in the park, but then her eyes fell on a stone that fell on the shore. This stone was shiny and was very small (Small Precious Stone In Park). When the woman picked him up, she did not even expect that her luck would change because of this. It was not a pebble, but a precious diamond.

Noreen Wredberg, a resident of California, went to visit the Crater of Diamond State Park in Arkansas with her husband Michael Redberg. There Naureen’s eyes fell on a bright yellow pebble. According to Park’s press release, the woman initially did not know that what she was picking up as a pebble was actually a precious diamond. Naureen showed the pebble to the park authority, who confirmed that it was a real diamond.

tourist luck changed with small shiny stone

Diamond is like a jellybean in appearance, which is rarely found.

Park officials say that this is the largest diamond ever found in the park. Earlier in October last year, a tourist’s 4.49 carat diamond was found. This park is very famous among tourists. Actually, people who come to visit this Diamond Park roam around looking for diamonds. Whoever gets the diamond becomes its owner. Many such diamonds have fallen in many places in this park, which change the fate of selected lucky people.

tourist luck changed with small shiny stone

This yellow colored diamond looks like a pebble

Caleb Howell of Diamond Park told that the diamond found by Naureen was jellybean-shaped and its color was pale yellow. After seeing the diamond under the microscope, everyone was convinced of its shape and color. Naureen, who found this diamond, told in an interview to The Independent that she has not yet thought what she will do with this diamond. The price of this type of diamond in the market has been estimated from 22 to 23 lakhs. However, due to its shape, its price may increase.

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