A 19-year-old girl, who fell madly in love with a 47-year-old teacher, is ready to leave her studies in search of romance.

Due to Coronavirus, people remained locked in homes for several months (Corona Lockdown). In such a situation, along with experiments in food and drink, he did many experiments in relationships as well. Now think if at the age of 19, even a 47 year old man loses his heart (Teenager fell in love with 47 year old man)? Both of them got virtual acquaintance on social media and now it is a condition that the girl is ready to give up her studies to live with a man of her father’s age.

19-year-old Charline Chaltin met 47-year-old Jeremy Pratico in the year 2020. They were found on a Facebook fan page Twentyone Pilots Facebook. From here the process of their chatting started and now it is a condition that Charlene wants to leave her country and come to America only to be with Jeremy. He says that only Jeremy is his priority in his life. Even after 28 years of huge age gap, this couple is quite serious about each other at the moment.

No age limit, no country bond
Jeremy Practico hails from the United States and lives in Vermont, US, while Charlene is Belgian and lives in Brussels, Belgium. Their romance started only during the epidemic (Romance during Corona), that too online. Jeremy is a teacher at Elementary School and met Charlene through a fanpage. When they started talking, the series of chats went on continuously. Quarantine gave a lot of opportunity to Anokhi Ishq to flourish, as both were free at that time. After virtual dates and constant conversation, they decided to live with each other from a distance of 3500 miles. Jeremy says that he is less mature than his age, while Charlene is much more mature than her age. This is the reason why their pair is freezing a lot.

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Charlene is also ready to leave her studies to shift to America with her boyfriend. (Credit- Facebook)

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Will leave studies for romance
Charlene is so madly in love with the 47-year-old that she says that she never finds Jeremy growing up. When Charlene’s parents came to know about this love of theirs, they even thought that Charlene is doing all this only in the greed of getting a green card. Due to Corona in a year-long relationship, this couple could not even meet each other. Recently, they spent 8 days together after Jeremy came to Brussels. Now Charlene wants to shift to America with Jeremy as soon as possible. She says that being with Jeremy is her first need, she can continue her studies even after two or three years.

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