6 year old son was playing with 12 thousand year old ‘stone’ in the field, papa screamed as soon as he saw it from afar

Julian initially thought he had found the dragon's tooth

Julian initially thought he had found the dragon’s tooth

In Michigan, America, a 6-year-old child inadvertently made a thousand-year-old discovery. While walking with his father, he started playing with a stone. But this stone was not something else.

Weird Discovery keeps on discovering many strange things in the world. A team is formed to search for some of it, then some things are found suddenly. In Michigan, United States, a 6-year-old child suddenly discovered a creature that is 12 thousand years old (12 Thousand Old Fossil Found) which is now extinct.

This discovery was made by 6-year-old Julian Gagnon from Michigan. Here Julian went to visit Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve with his father. The matter is from last month. Julian went with his family to the reserve where he found a huge stone fragment while walking. When the father saw this strange stone in Julian’s hands, he suspected that it was something else. Actually it was not a stone but the tooth of such an animal named Mastodon, which roamed the earth 12 thousand years ago.

12 thousand old fossil

Mastodons roamed the earth thousands of years ago

Mastodons used to roam in North and Central America about 12 thousand years from today. They disappeared thousands of years ago. Mastodons looked like today’s elephants. His height could have been up to 9 feet 5 inches. Apart from this, their weight could have been up to 11 tons. Julian had the jaw of this mastodon in his hand. The child thought that it was the tooth of a dragon. But actually it was the teeth of mastodons. After looking closely at the family, it came to know that it was actually a fossil.

12 thousand old fossil

Julian wants to be an explorer in the future

Julian’s family donated this fossil to a museum. The guide of the museum says that seeing such a thousand-year-old fossil in such a good condition, no one could believe it. Next, Julian wants to be an explorer. Experts said that this discovery is quite rare. Now more information about mastodons will be collected on the basis of this jaw.

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