52 year old woman helps people in online dating, charges 7 lakh rupees from a customer!

Nowadays the trend of online dating has increased a lot. With dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, people have started choosing or rejecting their partners by just doing right and left. People have different opinions about these dating apps, but most people believe that it is difficult to find serious relationships through online dating. This is because most people want to use online dating apps for casual relationships. But a woman from America is changing people’s online dating experience and helping them find their life partner online.

How much is Amy’s fee?
52 year old Amy Nobile is an Online Dating Expert. He has helped many people find their life partner through online dating apps. To accomplish this task, Amy has started her own dating coach service ‘Love, Amy’, through which she connects people. But Amy charges a hefty amount from her customers for this service. She charges full 10 thousand dollars i.e. more than 7 lakh rupees for her dating service. When the customer gives this amount, she helps people find partners and also gives them advice based on the experience and relationship information of their dating app. Talking to the New York Post, Amy told that she stays with one of her clients for 4 months and in between she helps them. After 4 months, if the client needs their services again, then they can take a subscription of $ 2500 i.e. about 2 lakh rupees every month.

american woman online dating coach charge 7 lakh rupees help find partners online

Amy started this business after getting divorced from her husband. (symbolic picture)

How did the idea to start a business come about?
Although Amy is a dating guru, she works to build relationships, but her and her husband’s relationship could not last more than 20 years. Both are divorced and have 2 children. Amy told that she got the idea of ​​this business when she was looking for a new partner after divorcing her husband. He created his account on dating apps but many times he missed filling in the ‘about me’ or ‘bio’ section. Many times he did not talk to any person properly. But when he improved all these things, then he met Brett, who has been his boyfriend for the last 3 years.

Amy Improves Flirting Skills Of Clients
The mistakes that Amy made in dating herself, now they stop others from making the same mistakes. To help her clients, many times she herself goes on a date with them as an unknown person. Not only this, in her package, she also works to improve the flirting skills of her clients. Not only this, in order to get to know each of her partners better, Amy also makes them fill out a 9-page form. After helping her clients find their partner, Amy also gives them dating tips. Along with this, his company also provides professional photographers who also take pre-wedding, post-wedding photos of couples.

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