3 rupees were in the person’s pocket on Diwali, 40 thousand were found but still returned

Pune. If you have only three rupees in your pocket and find 40 thousand rupees lying in front, then perhaps the faith of a good person may be shaken, but Dhanaji Jagdale of Satara in Maharashtra did not believe in such a situation. Digne and set an example of honesty. 54-year-old Dhanji Jagdale, who somehow made a living by doing small jobs, delivered 40 thousand rupees in cash at a bus stop on Diwali to its real owner.

Only 7 rupees taken as a reward
Impressed by this honesty of Jagdale, the owner of the money wanted to give him one thousand rupees as a reward but Khuddar Jagdale accepted only seven rupees as he had only three rupees in his pocket and to go to his Pingali village in Man Takula, Satara. He needed ten rupees as bus fare.

For wife’s operation Rs.
Jagdale said, ‘I had gone to Dahiwadi on Diwali for some work and came back to the bus stop. I found a bundle of notes nearby. When I asked the people around, I saw a troubled person who was searching for something. I soon understood that this bundle of notes belonged to that person.

He said, ‘The person told that there are 40 thousand rupees in the bundle. He had kept that money for the operation of his wife. He wanted to give me one thousand rupees but I took only seven rupees because the bus fare till my village was Rs 10 while I had only three rupees in my pocket.

‘People should be honest’
After this incident came to light, BJP MLA from Satara Shivendraraje Bhosale, former MP Udayanraje Bhosale and many other organizations respected Jagdale. Although he refused to accept the cash prize.

Rahul Barge, a native of Koregaon tehsil of the district and currently living in America, had offered Jagdale Rs five lakh but he politely declined it too. He said, ‘I believe that taking someone’s money does not bring satisfaction. I just want to spread this message that people should be honest.

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