20 years, thousands killed, Taliban return in Afghanistan. US ends war

Washington. After withdrawing all his troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the end of the war. Biden said that with the return of the Taliban to power, America has ended the longest war in the war-torn country. The President will also address the nation on Tuesday.

The Taliban have completely taken control of Kabul’s international airport following the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. The last plane carrying US forces departed Afghanistan on Monday midnight, a day ahead of schedule. In this way the war which lasted for 20 years came to an end.

Taliban kills American helper, hangs dead body from US helicopter

Taliban fighters opened fire in the air in Kabul to celebrate the victory after US forces completely ended their military presence in Afghanistan.

Biden thanked the armed forces for the safe withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan within the time limit (August 31). “Now, our 20-year-old military presence in Afghanistan is over,” he said.

He said, ‘For now, I would like to say that all the Joint Chiefs present at the ground level, all our commanders had unanimously recommended to complete our operation as planned. He was of the view that completing our military operation was the best way to protect the lives of our soldiers and strengthen the chances of those willing to leave Afghanistan in the coming weeks and months.

Joe Biden said he has asked the Secretary of State to continue to coordinate with America’s international allies to ensure a safe passage for any Americans, Afghan allies and foreign nationals seeking to leave the war-torn country.

He said, ‘First of all, to our soldiers and diplomats who carried out this mission in Kabul and evacuated more people than expected.’

Blinken gave the formula of governance to the Taliban
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Taliban must earn international legitimacy and support by fulfilling its commitments to form an inclusive government by respecting the basic rights of the Afghan people, including women and minorities, to combat terrorism and freedom of travel.

Blinken said the US would negotiate with the Taliban-led government not on the basis of what it said, but on what it does to live up to its commitments.

The US completed its mission to evacuate people from Afghanistan early Tuesday. Hours later, Blinken addressed the nation, saying, “The Taliban want international legitimacy and support.” Our message is: any legitimacy and any support they have to gain.’

“The Taliban can do this by fulfilling its commitments and obligations; including freedom of travel, respect for the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, including women and minorities; Upholding our commitments against terrorism; Not taking retaliatory action against those who choose to stay in Afghanistan; and creating an inclusive government that meets the needs and aspirations of the Afghan people.

The US had set August 31 as the deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan and just hours before it announced the end of its war in Afghanistan.

EXCLUSIVE: ISI is investigating the details of arms supply from India, Afghan soldiers and officers on the radar

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on the withdrawal of troops that no other army in the world could have done what America and its allies had done in Afghanistan in such a short time.

“No other military in the world could have done what we, our allies and partners have done in such a short time,” Austin said in a statement after the end of the US mission in Afghanistan. It shows the capabilities of our forces and our allies.

America ended the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan and thousands of people died in this war. Large numbers of Afghans and Americans and people from their North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries have died in the war. Since America borrowed most of the money to pay for it, future generations of Americans will pay for its cost in the trillions of dollars. (with agency input)

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